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Mom Testimonials

“I made this puree countless times for my girls when they were stating solids-and still do now that they’re toddlers! The creamy, sweet blend of flavors makes it perfectly suited for babies, toddlers, and grown ups! Yummy!”
– Shannon (Sweet Potato Coconut Puree)

“We loooove the Banana-Oat-Chocolate Chip Cookies because they’re naturally sweet and yummy without lots of sugar or preservatives. It’s such a quick, easy recipe that my four-year-old and I can make it together.”
-Shannon (Banana-Oat-Chocolate Chip Cookies)

“I love making the Mac, Chicken and Cheese Bites. They’re easy and they freeze well.”
-Tammy (Mac, Chicken and Cheese Bites)

“We love the Mexican Lasagna! It’s a hit for the whole family. I work full time, so I love one-pot meals. It’s nutritious and filling and we all love it, especially our two-and-a-half-year-old son.”
Kim (Mexican Lasagna)

“Honestly, starting to make my daughter’s food with fresh ingredients completely changed everything. She couldn’t stand the premade, overcooked, tasteless jarred foods I bought in the store. I was so worried that I’d have a picky eater on my hands, but as it turned out, she just wanted good stuff. She eats anything I put in front of her now.”
– Katee

“I used your recipes and made most of my baby food. I’m very proud to say my four-year-old daughter says quite often, ‘more broccoli please’!”
– Becca

“Your Chicken Tortilla Soup is awesome! It’s a great meal to whip up on our busiest evenings. I like to make it in our rice cooker a couple of hours before dinner and keep it warm until we’re ready to eat. Thanks for this delicious, time-efficient soup that’s become our family’s favorite.”
-Andrea (Chicken Tortilla Soup)

“These ice pops are so easy to make and taste better than the ones you buy in the store.”
-Keltie (Strawberry Ice Pops)

“I discovered weelicious when I was looking for new recipes for my picky two-year-old son. I loved the video of you and Kenya making Coconut-Pineapple Pops together so I followed what you did and let my son, Coen, help. It was such a yummy, positive experience, and he’s now interested in trying different foods, especially when he helps cook! It’s really changed his attitude toward food, and we now share something special, cooking. Thank you!”
-Kim (coconut-pineapple pops)

“I love this dish because it’s so easy and so mouthwatering. It’s perfect for a family meal. Thanks for making dinner prep so simple!”
-Madelaine (Slow-Cooked Pulled Pork Tacos)

“We love the Green Monster Smoothie! My littlest, three-year-old Jonathan, loves to help peel the bananas and grab fistfuls of spinach to drop in the blender. The excitement on his face as the smoothie turns green is priceless, and I love that I’m not having to sneak vegetables into my kids’ diets. They know exactly what they’re drinking!”
-Lindsey (Green Monster Smoothie)


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